Employment- Based Immigration

U.S. immigration law provides two categories of immigrant visas for religious workers.
The two categories are Ministers of Religion (SD-category) and Certain Religious Workers (SR-
category). Both of these immigrant religious worker categories are included in the Employment
Fourth Preference (E4) which is a Certain Special Immigrants category is separate and distinct
from the nonimmigrant Temporary Religious Workers category. Temporary religious worker (R-
1) visas are for persons who want to enter the United States to work temporarily in religious
capacities. As a temporary religious worker, you must:

Temporary Religious Workers are just one of the kinds of special immigrant/ religious
workers. For each category, there are requirements that uniquely vary. The Law Offices of Cindy
Ramjattan-Paul has had the honor of working with many religious workers across a variety of
belief systems. We not only respect but appreciate each one that steps foot in our office equally
and our results reflect this.