Political Asylum

The law provided for asylum and/or withholding of removal for an illegal alien if the
individual can prove he or she was persecuted or fears persecution in his or her home country.
This persecution must be based on his or her religion, political opinion, nationality, race or
membership in a particular social group. An individual who fears torture may also qualify for

The laws regarding eligibility for asylum are some of the most complicated, and they are
constantly changing. While some of these categories for eligibility are clear, others, such as what
constitutes a “social group,” are subject to significant litigation in federal courts.

Being granted asylum can be a life changing experience. If a person receives a grant of
asylum he or she will subsequently be able to apply for adjustment of status (Green Card) in the
United States. The process for seeking asylum in the United States is difficult and an asylum-
seeker is more likely to be granted this form of protection if represented by an attorney
experienced in litigating asylum cases before the immigration courts. If you would like to speak
with First-class citizenship lawyer in New Jersey, the team at the Law Offices of Cindy
Ramjattan-Paul are here to help you sort through your options and assist you in realizing your
dream of becoming an American citizen.

More Information on the Two Kinds of Asylum

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