In, New Jersey both fault and no-fault grounds for divorce are valid. Fault grounds imply that one of the parties is to blame for the marital misconduct that is alleged in the divorce complaint.
All of the following fault-based grounds for divorce must be proven before the court:

The no-fault ground for divorce in New Jersey is separation (living separate and apart without cohabitation) for at least 18 months and showing that there is no prospect for reconciliation or irreconcilable differences. Any party to a marriage can chooses to end the marriage at any time without a need to prove the other party was at fault.

The most common reason for parties to file divorce is the “catch-all” category – irreconcilable differences. Simply, this means that the relationship has deteriorated so much the parties are unable to reconcile and save their marriage.
Regardless of the reason for your divorce, The Attorneys at The Law Offices of Cindy
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The divorce can proceed smoothly from start to finish if each partner can agree on matters such as:

Contested Divorces

Unfortunately, if the parties to a marriage are not civil or if there are disputes over certain terms of the divorce, the process is considered contested. In a contested divorce, the stakes go up significantly and it can be much more complicated, expensive, and stressful to resolve the dispute.

If you are going through a contested divorce, having an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf in the New Jersey divorce process is strongly advised. The Attorneys at the Law Offices of Cindy Ramjattan-Paul, P.C., we know how stressful and confusing this time can be. Our lawyers are here to help you every step of the way.

If you and your partner have a domestic partnership instead of a marriage, you may still split up through dissolution. Some couples may be bound by both a marriage and a domestic partnership. If this is the case, you will need to legally dissolve both arrangements before either partner can remarry.

If your marriage simply isn’t working out, sometimes divorce is for the best. Getting divorced is one of the most stressful and emotional experiences a person can go through but with help from The Law Offices of Cindy Ramjattan-Paul, P.C., your burden can be lifted. At our firm we treat clients with respect and ensure that you get the personalized representation you deserve.

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