Happy New Year 2021!!!

Happy New Year everyone !!

What a year this has been! A virus turned our lives inside out or rather outside in and upside down. Never has such a catastrophe been witnessed in our recent memories. Families torn apart, people cut off from people  and from normal human contact. Humans connecting to humans, a simple fact and way of life, became so difficult.

Through technology we found a way to stay connected. The human spirit to overcome odds has helped us survive this. It will continue strengthening us to overcome this. What has helped us survive is compassion, caring and connections.

COVID-19 added to the already tough immigration related atmosphere. Rules are getting stricter. Changes were made to DACA that made it difficult for the dreamers to stay in the US. There seems some light at the end of the day and the case is in court currently. There might be some ease and relaxation from the change of the Govt going forward.

Compassion, caring and building and protecting connections is what we at CRP also value. We spend our days helping clients find a way through a tough meandering legal system. We strive to find for them hope. We work hard to find the best possible legal counsel to find meaningful solutions for the hardworking men, women and families that want to make America their home. We give our best in making lives better, to try and keep families together and to keep faith strong in the US justice system.

We will continue doing that. A virus cannot break our resolve and faith in the goodness of human hearts, the justice system of the US and the strength of humanity to overcome adversity and keep moving forward.

We are migrating to this new website. Please keep watching this space for more developments as they relate to immigration.

We wish you all the best and great success in the Year 2021 !!

Team CRP

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